Who we are

Brendance and Crusader Limited (BCL) is a fully integrated event management company, privately owned. It is ranked, by project in top 10% of its industry, formed in 1999, registered on 26 May 2005 with Registration Number 624976. Its focus is to capitalize on emerging growth opportunities within the Entertainment Industry.

BCL consists of the following Subsidiaries:
1. Mr. Nigeria International (MRNI);
2. Ms. Nigeria International (MSNI);
3. Mr. International Africa (MRIA);
4. Miss International Africa (MSIA);
5. Poise Kitchen;
6. Children Theatre;
7. Poise and Class Models.

BCL is the organizer of the first mix pageant in Africa, especially Nigeria. Mr. and Miss Nigeria International (MMNI). In 2021, after the successful execution o of its tenth (10th) edition, the board took a decision to split the event into two (2) annual editions. Ms. Nigeria International (MSNI) to kick-off in March, and Mr. Nigeria International (MRNI) to kick-off in June, annually. This compels Tourism in the country and promotes Culture and Heritage.

We are consultant to many International Schools across the country on Poise Etiquette and Performing Arts. We consulted for no Bread without Blue Band in Nigeria. We have successfully carried out Exchange Programmes to Kenya, South Africa, etc.

Mr. and Ms. Nigeria International celebrates Nigerian beauty and culture, cultivating confidence, national pride, and self-esteem to the nation's youth. Our winners are ambassadors for our local entertainment industry and global franchise, which is a phenomenon that produces films, music, and fashion, worldwide.

Our Franchise are:
1. Mr. UltraContinental;
2. Miss UltraContinental.

What we do

Brendance and Crusaders Limited is the company behind MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL constantly developing brand in the business of pageantry, beauty packaging and commercial branding and we have been in the corporate world traversing for quite a long time, within this period of time, we have possessed the capacity to cut a corner for our-selves by facilitating a yearly event named MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL, which is cutting over the different geopolitical zone of Nigeria currently.

We are likewise enthusiastic about what we do and what our clients says in regards to us, that is the reason why our team of expert dependably goes a points length to guarantee consumer satisfaction and preservation.

Our administrations ranges from pageantry, event management, modelling, artiste management to communication and entertainment company.